Overview Of Press Releases 2015

Press releases are still worthwhile for marketing purposes in 2015. Press Releases have been around for over a hundred years and they can still work, giving you great coverage and publicity. But don't forget that the goal of a news release is to gain attention from the media.

  • Your press release will be distributed and displayed on highly trafficked sites, increasing your overall online visibility
  • Being listed on the major brand news sites can also give help you rank in Google
  • This wide range of journalists/website owners can take note of your news announcement/story
  • They could give you valuable natural links back to your site from their new articles.

9 Important Things Press Releases Can Do

  1. Drive quality traffic to your website by including links and branding
  2. Greatly improve your target market experience by informing & advising
  3. Raise your presence in search engine results and social networking
  4. Utilize press releases as pointers to more specific info on your web blog, site, business
  5. Provoke a story idea to attract journalists/blog owners to do a bigger story earning organic backlinks
  6. Establish new relationships and strengthen existing ones
  7. Effectively communicate important business news or sector information to your target market
  8. Take advantage of multimedia images and video to increase page views and interest
  9. Increase your news distribution range and take advantage of social networks

STEP 1: Create Your Masterpiece

Use the guidance and help on PressRelease101.net to help make your release attractive enough to generate the interest & traffic it deserves.

Option A. Already created your press release and know what you are doing? Then use our standard submission press release template AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Option B. Need some help? Answer a few questions & we create a draft release for you! Select from our custom press release templates COMING SOON

STEP 2: Submit Your Press Release

Submission - We do it for you! After you send us your product from STEP 1 we submit your press release to our distribution platform that performs a quality review. If any errors are raised we will let you know and edits can be made.

STEP 3: Press Release Distribution

The distribution you receive is the SAME coverage as that offered by well known press release web sites such as PRWeb.com and will be going out to Yahoo!, Google News, CBS, Fox, ABC and many many more. In fact to over 1,400+ media outlets.

After submission you will receive a distribution report (in PDF format) that includes
  • A link to Google's search results for your press release title
  • Your press release content in html format
  • Links to a partial list of destinations (only trackable ones as many of our media outlets republish elsewhere)
  • A link to a downloadable file of the trackable links (.csv)

  • Click the following link to view an actual distribution list report example that you will receive as part of our service. (link available soon)

Press Release 101

Distributed To More Than 1,400+ Media Outlets!


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* Include an image
* Video link & embedding
* Three hyperlinks allowed
* 300 - 800 words in release
* Sent to all Major Search Engines
* National Distribution Via Associated Press
* Placement on Major News Sites
* Placement on Local News Sites
* Distribution report pdf
* We review & submit press release for you



PRWeb e.g.

Press Release 101 has
similar distribution
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